Orange County Area Highway System

Major Highway Systems of Orange County

There are multiple routes going through the county of Orange County, and due to its status as a major place of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, it has a lot of routes going through it, primarily Interstate freeways, but there are also State Routes as well as US Routes. Without further ado, let’s start talking. First off, the Interstate freeways.

Interstate 405 is a freeway that you can take in order to enter the area of Orange County, and is arguably the best route to take as you will most likely be coming from the international airport just northwest of the county. Due to its close proximity to it, this will be the best route for you to go through. It is a north-south highway. First off, north to south, coming from Inglewood, next to the airport, it then crosses into the suburb of Los Alamitos and into the county’s borders in the northwest. The road intersects and becomes concurrent with State Route 22, as well as State Route 39. The route also intersects with State Routes 55 and 73, near John Wayne Airport. It then merges with its originator Interstate 5, which it is a bypass auxiliary route of, it intersects with State Route 133 before this.

Speaking of Interstate 5, it is also an important route to Orange County, and the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area as a whole, passing through much of its metropolitan area. The route goes through much of the eastern and northern sides, and it has a bypass route as stated earlier, which is I-405. It enters the county at San Clemente in the southeastern corner of the county, intersecting with State Route 1 near Capistrano Beach. As it goes north, it intersects with State Route 74 in San Juan Capistrano. It goes near the suburbs of Laguna Hills and Woods, Mission Vejo, and Lake Forest. At Irvine Spectrum Center, I-405 splits from it, about two kilometers later, it intersects with State Route 133. It then goes through Northwood and intersects with State Route 261, then, near Tustin, it crosses paths with State Route 55. Around 4 kilometers later it intersects with State Route 22 and 57. At the 10 kilometer stretch from Orange to Bueno Park, at the end of this stretch, will I-5 intersect with State Route 39 and 91, then it will exit Orange County.

There’s also State Route 1, which goes from the south of Orange County from Capistrano Beach to the northern end of the county at Seal Beach. It goes through the suburbs of Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Huntingdon Beach. It also goes through the rest of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, and goes through important areas of the metropolis such as Long Beach and Los Angeles International Airport.

That should be it on the important roads, here is a quick list of other roads that go through the county of Orange County. They are all State Routes.

State Routes 74, 73, 133, 55, 22, 39, 91, 90, 57, 142, 241, and 261.

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